Slingo Rainbow Riches Game Overview

What is Slingo Rainbow Riches?

Rainbow Riches game franchise has introduced another Rainbow Riches game installment which is the Slingo Rainbow Riches. The aesthetic and interface design is similar to the other typical Rainbow Riches games. But what makes this game different is the mixture of slot machine and bingo gameplay. Because of these mechanics, it offers a more exciting and engaging gameplay for the players. 

If you are excited to see what’s hidden behind the pot of gold, the only way for you to reveal it is to win not only through sheer luck but also with a strategic mind. Though there are many similar elements you might encounter in the game, this does not mean that your entire gameplay experience will be similar to the other Rainbow Riches games. And without further ado, here is the general information about everything you need to know about Slingo Rainbow Riches

How to Play Slingo Rainbow Riches

Slingo Rainbow Riches has a 5×5 grid. Regarding the bingo element from the game, all you have to do is keep your eyes on the numbers because you will be marking them off. What you need to check is the numbers should match the numbers on the grid and it will automatically mark them and will be replaced with a star symbol. 

As the game starts, you can choose a bet by simply clicking the “+” and “-” symbols in the game. Always remember to bet responsibly. Once you are content with the stake amount, you are given 10 Slingo balls to start with. Whenever your balls run out, you have a chance to buy extra thus giving you extra opportunities to complete the lines or patterns like in a bingo. Completing a line will let you play one of the game’s features. 

Winning a prize in this game is pretty simple. What you only need to do is land at a minimum of 5 Slingo wins. When this is achieved, you will activate and play the Wishing Well bonus. Basically, hitting enough wins will trigger a certain feature. More balls mean more chances to try other features and bonuses. 


Joker Wild Symbols: With this symbol, you can mark off any number on any line when this symbol falls.

Super Joker Wild Symbol: Similar to Joker Wild but this one is any place on the grid. 

Devil: Take note of this one as this blocks the entire line of the grids causing one of your lines to not be marked.

Free Spins/Balls: Basically like free spins, but in this game, awards you with extra balls. 


Wishing Well: 5 Slingo hits are needed. This bonus gives you choices to pick from one of the three wishing wells and each of them consists of an instant multiplier prize. 

Cash Crop: 6 Slingo hits are needed. 50 coins will appear on the screen as they are spinning. These spinning coins will award multiplier prizes. 

Magic Toadstool: 7 Slingo hits are needed. You are to pick one of the three mushrooms that will reveal an instant multiplier depending on which mushroom you have picked. Moreover, there will be a chance that a fairy will appear which can reveal the multiplier amount. 

Red Magic Toadstool: The same bonuses as the Magic Toadstool. But this time, the multipliers are improved. 

Road to Riches: In this bonus, you are to spin a mini-slot wherein you will travel on a road. Reaching the end of the road will reward you 500x pot. Choosing the “collect” will end the bonus and your prizes will be collected. 

Road to Riches Red: Similar to Road to Riches Bonus but with higher prizes. Instead of 500x, you will win 1000x here. 


What is the RTP of this game?

The RTP of Slingo Rainbow Riches is 95.6%. Take note that this is the general average and not necessarily will be applicable to you. 

How much can I win here?

You can win for up to 1000x the stake. This is obtainable through the Road to Riches bonus. 

Does this game offer free spins? 

The free spins here are slightly different from other Rainbow Riches games. In this game, the free spins are through revealing free spins balls. This basically lets you play for a certain amount without paying. 

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